At J. Sherman Salon, we are not only hair stylists, we consider ourselves to be artists. We are very passionate about supporting our local arts community, and we use our studio as a gallery space to showcase artists from around Atlanta. All of the artwork is for sale, and we rotate frequently, so stop by often to see what we have on display.

If you are an artist interested in showcasing your work, contact us!

Emile Pryor

contact: 540-850-7488 | emileinprogress@gmail.com
instagram: @emileinprogress

Jess Pouncy

website: jesspouncy.com
contact: 850-261-3830 | jesspouncy@gmail.com

A mixed media artist living and working in Atlanta Georgia, Jess Pouncy's work flows subconsciously through unfolding layers that evolve over months, and even years. Jess collects discarded materials from dumpsters, thrift stores and the streets of her Little 5 Points neighborhood and meticulously executes them into something exotic, interesting and timeless. Heavily structured upon her classical art education from the Atlanta College of Art and Georgia State University, as well as her background in graphic design, Jess's work has been acclaimed for its integration of bright, neon colors and crisp lines, giving her work an ethereal dreamlike quality 

Sam Rittmeyer

website: samrittmeyer.com
contact: 404.729.7768

I have always felt most in my element when I have been able to express myself in some creative capacity, which usually involves me getting lost behind a pencil or paint brush with some good tunes cranked in the background. My grandmother was an incredible artist and I remember even at a very early age, being absolutely fascinated with her work and the effortless ability to transfer emotion onto a surface. I love experimenting with different mediums, techniques, and styles. I am embarking on a new chapter of resurgence in my life, and am elated to share it with the world. I'm so lucky that I get to say that this is what I get to wake up and do every day, because it rocks. As they say, "If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life."

Armani I. Love

website: 100ken.storenvy.com
contact: ismailevol7@yahoo.com
instagram: @_armanilove_


Paige McFall

website: paige-mcfall.com

Paige is a self taught photographer committed to finding the magic in the ordinary. The raw, mysterious, unfiltered, beautiful. The essence of what matters.

Originally from Wenatchee, Washington, Paige dedicated the first 30 years of her life, training and performing as a professional ballet dancer. She was a recipient of the Presidential Scholar in the Arts award.  She has danced for audiences throughout the world and collaborated with artists internationally.  Following her dance career, Paige continued her artistic journey through photography.  

Inspired by her children, and their honest expression of what matters, she paused and joined their magic as a photographer.

Laine Merril

website: lainemerril.wordpress.com
facebook: Laine Merril
twitter: @MerrilLaine
instagram: @laine_merril_chamison
contact: 770.714.1899 | lainemerril@gmail.com

Artist Signature “Merril”
Laine is a self taught artist with a BA in Music Performance and Composition. She has spent her career performing as a jazz and pop keyboardist and singer with multiple tours of US, (Las Vegas), Canada and Scandinavia. Her work is diversified and self described as an abstract painter in Oil, acrylic and mixed media.
She believes that her whimsical approach to art comes from her jazz improvisational skills.

 Jarrett Turner

instagram: @j_becke


Colin Sims

website: colinsims.com
contact: colinsims111@gmail.com

Colin Sims paints subjects that are at once, familiar and otherworldly.  Rendered with a Renaissance sensibility, these young women and children seem to pose in pivotal moments of their lives.  Adornments of animal bones and flora allude to some sort of esoteric ritual that celebrates life and death as one.  Colin's pallet ranges from nearly monochromatic, to rich and bold.  In the painting "Sublimation", a pale young girl traverses a softly muted wintery landscape on a white lion.  Other paintings like "Right of Passage II" boast deeply saturated colors and jolting contrast of value.  The full effect these paintings have on their viewers can only be experienced in person.  Simple compositions draw one in from across a room.  A closer look reveals painstaking attention to detail.  One might mistake an original work for a print on wood;

Specific inquiries about Sims' symbolic vocabulary have often been politely dismissed.  Mr. Sims prefers instead to draw inspiration from a variety of interpretations offered by social media followers and other artists that visit his studio.  On one occasion, Sims recalls an example, "A friend 'misinterpreted' a maquette I was sculpting as a sea creature.  As a result, i completely re-imagined the subject of a painting i had only begun to conceive, entitled 'Soothsayer'."  The meaning of some of his work is straight forward;  Other paintings seem forever bound in liberating obscurity.

Colin Sims, Born 1980, Atlanta, Ga.

"Alchemy" Beep Beep Gallery 2014
"Atlantaland" Mint Gallery 2013
"we Drank, We Drew" Cube Gallery 2013



Hannah Permian

website: hannahandthecosmos.com
instagram: @hannahandthecosmos
contact: 404.983.3996

It was under a slightly different, though no less mesmerizing canopy of constellations that Hannah discovered the transformative power of a paintbrush. Hours of stargazing with her father at home in New Zealand inspired a deep respect for the conversation between control and chaos and, in turn, art became the phrasebook for translating it.

Her work is one part longing for the glow-in-the-dark star-covered bedroom ceiling of her childhood, and three parts surrender to the miraculous confluence of choice and chance that makes the human experience so bewilderingly beautiful.

Through creative exploration of spectral peculiarities, Hannah is working her grasp around the enormity of the universe in which we’re suspended. Each piece is a whisper of gratitude, a way back home, and a wink to the cosmos.

Kyle Vile

instagram: @vileatl
website: vileatl.bigcartel.com
contact: vileatl@gmail.com


website: jeremyrayis.com
instagram: @jeremyrayis
email: jeremyrayis@gmail.com

Jeremy Ray is coming off a productive year which saw the release of this new EP, This Goes Here. 4 brand new songs, Recorded and released in the fall of 2012 in Atlanta GA at The Cottage. A lyrically dynamic and personal album, JR has refined his brand of punk rock and blues into a relaxed blend of finger picked folk and dark tales of the minor key. This recording features JR alongside members of Walk From the Gallows, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, Authors Apology and The Gonzo Orchestra.