About our Pricing

Please note that a prices with a "+" indicates that this is an estimate! We do our best to give you a more accurate quote following a consultation. Not sure what you want, or looking for some inspiration? We love coming up with new ideas and finding a solution that fits YOU!

Photography Services

In addition to our beauty services, we also offer personalized photoshoots including but not limited to: styling, makeup, and your choice of location. 

Our photoshoot package pricing is tailored to your project. Schedule a consultation with us to get a quote!

Cancellation Policy

At J.Sherman Salon, we respect your time, and ask that you respect ours. If you must cancel or reschedule any appointment, please provide us with 24-hour notice. This way, our team will be able to adjust their schedules accordingly and we may be able to accommodate other clients on our waitlist. We understand that life is chaotic and things happen and will do our best to work with you in the event of an emergency. However, if last-minute cancellations or ‘no shows’ become a habit, you will be charged a cancellation fee. 

Cancellation Fees:

    •    Less than 24 hours notice: 50% of service amount
    •    No Call/No Shows: 100% of service amount

We always email and/or text to confirm the date and time of your appointment at the time of booking and again 24 hours before your scheduled date. If we are unable to reach you (such as in the event of incorrect or out-of-date contact info), it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times in order to avoid missed appointments and cancellation fees.  You are always welcome to call and double check any appointments if you’re unsure.

Late/Tardy Policy

We will always try our best to accommodate you if you’re running behind, stuck in traffic, etc.  It’s Atlanta, we get it! However, your tardiness can impact our schedules and delay on-time clients for the rest of the day. For this reason, clients will generally be allowed a 10-minute grace period. After that time, we will call or text to check in on you. If you can make it in time for your entire service to be completed, awesome! If not, you may have to forgo parts of the service so as not to exceed your allotted appointment time. Please, always call if you think you might be late; we’d rather know as early as possible so we can do our best to fit you in without upsetting the flow of our day!

Again, please remember that your appointments are reserved for you & only you. These policies allow us the opportunity to alert our standby clients of any openings, therefore allowing us to provide the best service possible.  We very much appreciate your business and compliance with our policies. See you soon!